Restylane® Lyft, formerly known as Perlane-L®, is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to correct volume loss and treat wrinkles in the face. Restylane®Lyft is an FDA-approved filler indicated to provide lift to cheeks, correct age-related midface contour deficiencies and add volume to correct and smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds).



Why Restylane® Lyft?

  • Safe, highly effective, nonsurgical facial filler that addresses the signs of aging
  • Long-lasting results for cheeks and age lines

How does Restylane® Lyft work?

  • Provides a subtle, natural-looking lift to visibly “sagging” cheeks
  • Precisely corrects lines, folds, and wrinkles on sides of the nose and mouth

What are the possible side effects?
The most common adverse events after initial treatment include bruising, redness, swelling, pain, headache, tenderness, and itching.

What can you expect with a Restylane® Lyft treatment?

  • In clinical studies, Resylane® Lyft was proven to be highly effective and long-lasting.
  • 6 months after treatment, over 70% of patients experienced improvement in the lines on the sides of their nose and mouth, and over 90% saw fuller, natural-looking cheeks.


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