Radiesse® is a long lasting injectable filler, composed of calcium hydroxylapatite, a synthetic form of a mineral found in teeth and bones. Radiesse® stimulates your body to produce your own natural collagen, therefore helps to restore fullness and smoothes the signs of aging.  Results may last up to a year.



What is Radiesse® dermal filler?
Radiesse® dermal filler is setting a new standard for facial contouring and augmentation. It immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct, and beautify facial features. And it continues to work over time. It has patented microsphere technology and stimulates the body to produce new collagen for a soft, natural look that lasts.

How does Radiesse® dermal filler work?
Radiesse® dermal filler is made of unique, patented, calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. When injected into the skin, these microspheres initially perform as a filler – they immediately provide facial volume for a soft, natural look. The transformation is noticeable right away. Over time, your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, but the very tiny, smooth microspheres remain.
Once injected, Radiesse® dermal filler starts a process called neocollagenesis, or the creation of new collagen. It stimulates collagen production in your own body and encourages collagen growth around the injection site. In many cases, results may last up to a year or more.

Are there any side effects?
There have been very few side effects reported in clinical trials and actual usage. However, you may experience some common injection-related reactions, such as mild irritation, edema, swelling, itching, discoloration, or tenderness at the injection site. These conditions typically resolve themselves within one to two days.

How soon can I expect results?
You’ll see results immediately after treatment. Radiesse® dermal filler continues to deliver results over time as it stimulates your body to produce new collagen. Results may last up to a year or more in many patients, which may result in fewer office visits for retreatment.

How long will my results last?
Treatment results last up to a year or more for many patients. Individual results may vary, depending on age, skin type, lifestyle, and metabolic rate, so be sure to discuss your expectations with your doctor.

Is Radiesse® dermal filler permanent?
No. Treatment results last a long time, but they are not permanent. The tiny, calcium-based microspheres in Radiesse® dermal filler eventually break down into calcium and phosphate ions. These ions are safely and naturally absorbed into your body, leaving your own newly produced collagen in place.

How many treatments will I need?
Many patients will achieve their desired result after just one treatment. To ensure your satisfaction, your physician may schedule a follow-up visit, where a touch-up treatment might be recommended.

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