Patient Instructions and Forms




  • Avoid skin irritation or intentional skin tanning. Sunscreen is advisable when outdoors during
    daylight hours.
  • Discontinue any irritant topical agents for 2-3 days prior to any laser treatment.
    Arrive to Miami Beach Laser Spa with clean skin prior to treatment. There should be NO
    lotion, make-up, perfume, powder, bath/shower oil present on the skin in the area to be treated.
  • Topical anesthetic can be used if necessary for client comfort.
  • Advise Miami Beach Laser Spa if there are any dental crowns, caps, braces, or other metal dental implants. These areas may be more sensitive to treatment and the clinician may use dental rolls, gauze, or a tongue depressor to isolate the area and make the treatment more comfortable.


  • Protect the treated area with SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and avoid intentional sun tanning for the first several days following treatment.
  • Some redness and swelling in the treated area is expected. You may use cold compresses to help reduce these symptoms.
  • Wash the area gently and do not use harsh and/or abrasive products in the treated area for 3 days.
  • Do not take a hot bath or sit in a sauna and/or hot tub or expose the treated area to excess heat for 3 days.
  • If a superficial crust or scabbing occurs, do not rub, scratch, or remove the scab. Cleanse the area gently and pat dry.
  • At the first sight of a blister, call Miami Beach Laser Spa at 305-674-3447.


  • No straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 3-4 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid manipulation of the area for 3-4 hours following treatment. No facial, peel, or microdermabrasion after treatment as well.
  • Do not lie down or bend over for 3-4 hours following treatment.
  • It can take 2-10 days for the Botox® / Dysport® / Xeomin® to take full effect. Contact Miami Beach Laser Spa no later than 2 weeks after treatment if desired effect was not achieved and no sooner than 10 days after treatment to give the Botox® / Dysport® / Xeomin® time to work.
  • Avoid Retin-A, glycolic acid, Vitamin C, and Kinerase for 24 hours after treatment.


  • Avoid Aspirin, Motrin, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other essential fatty acids for at least 48 hours after treatment. These agents may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection sites.
    Resume Retin-A 2 days after treatment.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise, sun, and heat exposure for 3 days after your treatment.
  • Preferably avoid makeup or lipstick until the next day. Earlier use may cause pustules. Aquaphor is a great over-the-counter lubricator and healer for the lips and may be purchased at any drugstore.
  • Do NOT touch, press, rub, or manipulate the implanted areas for 6 hours after treatment. You may cause irritation, sores, and/or problems, and possible scarring if you do. After 6 hours, you may massage lightly if you feel any lumps.
  • Remember that one side may heal faster than the other side. You must wait two weeks before any correction or re-treatment is done.

If planning to have laser or IPL to treated area, it is advisable to wait at least 2-3 weeks after dermal filler correction as it may affect the product in the treated area. You may, however, have laser/IPL treatment 48 hours before dermal fillers.

*If redness, blisters, itching, INCREASED pain and/or swelling occur following dermal filler treatment, please report it immediately to Miami Beach Laser Spa at 305-674-3447.


  • Wait 12 hours before washing face, then only use a gentle cleanser – wash treated area with hands, not a wash cloth.
  • After you wash your face, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and a moisturizer if necessary. You may use a powder-based mineral makeup.
  • If you are out in the sun, you need to reapply sunscreen every four hours.
  • Do not pick or scratch the little scabs/crusting. Let them fall off on their own. Approximately 3-5 days.
  • Avoid thermal trauma such as hot showers, whirlpool, steam rooms, saunas, etc. for two days following treatment.
  • Do not do anything that will make you sweat, ie, working out for two days following treatment.
  • Do not take any ant-inflammatory medications for 1 week following treatment, ie, Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Excedrin, Aspirin, Aleve, Nuprin or Antihistamine medications.


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